Group Outing

Monday October 21st
Assembly in the lobby: 13.30 hrs
Departure: 14.00 hrs

Angkor Wat temple including elephant ride

Known and admired for the grandeur and harmony of ancient Khmer architecture, Angkor Wat’s extensive bas-reliefs is an absolute treat for the eye and therefore a must to visit during your stay.

Originally called The Sacred Dwelling of Vishnu, the temple is full of what this principal deity stands for: preservation and protection.

We invite you to get marvellously lost in this almost maze-like temple structure and savour some of the magic that, according to ancient sources, made it possible for the temple to be built in one single night.

During the creation of the fabulous kingdom of Cambodia, the elephant had an important role. They served many kings and queens during their travel to and from the temples. Elephants even helped to construct the temples. A great way to soak up the atmosphere with a different view on the temples is during an elephant ride.

Kravan Temple dinner

Enjoy the striking exterior of classical lines and symmetry of the Prasat Kravan temple to the rhythm of the playing drums, led by torch and candlelight through the darkening evening.

Sip from exotic cocktails and allow your taste buds to reach the heavenly paradise of Goloka in a most appetising dinner, accompanied by traditional Khmer music and Aspara dance by female spirits of the clouds and waters.

Truly the experience of a lifetime.