Savoury snacks

Bany chaev are savoury wok-fried pancakes commonly available at market stalls. They’re made from rice flour flecked with chives and are of a vivid yellow colour through the use of turmeric. Then filled with fried minced pork, onion, prawns and bean sprouts, they’re eaten by wrapping pieces of the pancake in a lettuce leaf and dipping them in a fish sauce mixed with garlic, lemon and crushed peanuts.


Cooked bananas are also widely eaten as snacks, seasoned with salt and grilled over charcoal braziers, or wok-fried in a batter containing sesame seeds, which are at their most delicious when they’re still piping hot.


For a drink on the hoof, iced sugar-cane juice, tuk umpow, is very refreshing and not actually all that sweet. It’s sold everywhere through carts equipped with a mangle through which the peeled canes are passed, sometimes with a piece of orange added for extra taste.


The national drink of Cambodia is named after its world famous wonder, Angkor Wat, and is the most widely consumed beer in Cambodia. A great way to wash down all the lovely culinary prizes from the Khmer kingdom.

Hard Rock Café

Enjoy good food and a lively atmosphere at the Hard Rock Cafe Angkor. Situated in an old colonial-style building in the historic city centre, the two-story restaurant features 160 seats indoors and a large, 80-seat terrace overlooking the beautiful Siem Reap River. Located in Siem Village, the Hard Rock Café Angkor is just a short walk from popular destinations such as the Siem Reap Night Market, world-famous Angkor temples, and the Siem Reap Art Center. This iconic location matches perfectly with the history on the café’s walls.